What We Do

Facilitating your business journey at each stage from where you are now to where you aspire to be in the future.


EzyGrowth facilitates the client in developing and implementing strategies for sustainable growth and increasing their capital value in preparation for fundraising or selling the business.
These services are designed to help small businesses grow without falling over because they need to foresee how to grow sustainably. 
We’re also well-placed to advise using franchising and licensing to scale up a small business. 
Periodic business valuations chart the impact and ROI of growth initiatives. Benchmarking highlights competitive strengths and opportunities for improvements. 
The client can access virtual CFO and company secretary services on their growth journey as and when required.


EzyLeadership is focused on the people’s side of growth and is allied with EzyGrowth. Here, the business strategy and planning are about the people. Implementing a strategy to retain key employees is a hot issue currently.
Leadership coaching can be 1:1 or for the whole leadership team.
Developing a high-performance team culture involves all team members. Personality profiling applies to each employee, prospective employee and the team to ensure the right mix of personalities to work together more effectively. 


EzyAcademy provides systems advice, implementation and training.
Our internal deployment of effective and efficient systems includes automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and Learning Management Systems (LMS). 
LMS supports continuous improvement and lifetime learning. Also, this substantially assists in onboarding new people. It’s a repository for intellectual property (IP), including operations, procedures, processes and materials. 


EzyAccounts provides an innovative approach with comprehensive services for small and mid-size businesses. 
We aim to ensure that every business owner has the resources and support they need to achieve their goals and thrive in the marketplace.
EzyAccounts is more than traditional compliance services. It spans Bookkeeping, Payroll, BAS & Tax Agent, Business Advisory and Virtual Manager/Controller services.


EzyNDIS provides Plan Management services to NDIS Participants, interacting with NDIS Co-Ordinators and NDIS Providers.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s innovative approach to supporting disabled people, their families, and carers.

One person cannot master everything. It requires a team of people with different skills to achieve optimum results.

We bring together left and right brain specialists to facilitate your growth journey.

One member of our team will be your primary contact who can bring in specialists as and when required.

Whatever you need, we aim to deliver ourselves or collaborate with partners and our trusted business community.

Solutions for a better business life

Where practical to do so, EzyGrowth and EzyLeadership services can be provided to a cohort of clients, thereby making the fees affordable for all business owners.
EzyGrowth do it yourself

Do it yourself

You take full responsibility for activating and implementing changes in your business using our education, advice and resources.

Do it with you

Let’s work together to grow your business, discover hidden value and realise your business and personal potential. Sounds good.
EzyGrwoth do it for You

Do it for you

Don’t you have time? Do you prefer to outsource? We will do it for you. A great option where the potential gain justifies the investment. 
Colin and I are collaborating on a number of projects. The most powerful component of that whole process is Colin's dedication to values-driven relationships. Win-win arrangements are in his DNA. Is there a better way to grow a business?

No matter the project you have in mind for a JV or partnership, especially in the accounting, finance, and franchise space, Colin's genius and his network of power partners may well be able to assist. You just gotta ask.
Greg Smith, Business Owner, Send Hand Written
I have worked with Colin over the past 12 months in a new business venture. He is extremely collaborative and contributes open-heartedly to the good of the business with a speed that is impressive. He has generosity of spirit not often seen in business.

Colin has a wealth of experience as a franchisor and a genius mind when it comes to numbers and scaling businesses from a financial and technical perspective.

He is a genuinely nice guy. It is a pleasure working with him.
Gaelene Adams Wood, Business Owner, Team Fusion