Exclusively for Accountants & Bookkeepers: Your Opportunity TO OWN AN Accounting Franchise or Bookkeeping Franchise

Are you considering a career transition? Then EzyAccounts offers professionals like you a unique opportunity to operate and own an Accounting franchise or bookkeeping franchise. By following our 5 C method, combined with marketing and sales support your transition will be easier and more effective with one of these EzyAccounts Accounting firm franchise opportunities.

Our Mission for Accounting Franchise and Bookkeeping Franchise Ownership.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to our franchise network in Australia and New Zealand, we offer not just a rewarding business venture but also unmatched support and top-notch client services for both an Accounting franchise and a bookkeeping franchise. Above all, explore our Accounting firm franchise opportunities and discover how we can help you thrive. Additionally, learn more.

Who Are Our Franchisees?

Professionals like you, our franchisees, possess a strong background in accounting and bookkeeping. As a result of merging their expertise with our organisational framework, they aspire to achieve superior business outcomes in the Accounting firm franchise opportunities we provide. Because our franchise network is built on a shared passion for accounting and bookkeeping, you will join a thriving community of dedicated professionals.

Robust Revenue Streams

Unlock consistent income streams by offering unmatched services. Moreover, our model promises repetitive, passive revenue, especially for those who cultivate lasting relationships with their clients and teams.

Unparalleled Marketing & Sales Support in Accounting Franchise

Whilst many pledge "marketing support," we deliver results. Furthermore, our client acquisition journey is exceptional.

Lead Generation

Our expert team excels in lead generation, ensuring a steady flow of potential clients. In addition, leads are pre-qualified by an experienced sales professional.

Crafting Client Proposals

We create compelling client proposals that make your franchise stand out. Also, this task is done for you to ensure optimum results.


Our skilled negotiators secure favourable deals on your behalf. Therefore, you can be more confident in achieving your goals.

Finalising Deals

We see the deal through to completion, leaving no stone unturned. Thereafter, you are trained and supported in onboarding new clients, doing periodic reviews and client retention.

Why Choose EzyAccounts to invest in an Accounting Franchise or Bookkeeping Franchise

Swift Launch

Begin with momentum backed by our elite business development professionals. Remember, you are in business for yourself, not alone.

Effortless Management

Use our comprehensive suite of business systems and admin tools. Thereby making your accounting franchise more productive.

Guaranteed Success

Follow our proven operational strategies and get insights from industry leaders. Also, leverage our high-status relationships with partners and thought leaders.

Access to a Broad Network

Leverage our national network to access an abundance of exclusive resources. As a result, you can collaborate with other accounting franchisees for mutual benefits.

Capitalise on Your Strengths

Harness your core competencies to guarantee a prosperous future. For example, combine your strengths with the strengths of other franchisees to deliver higher-value solutions.

Beyond a Regular Pay

Construct a venture with significant capital value and recurring income. Thereby, you secure your future.

Exit Strategy

When considering a sell-out, please trust us to find a worthy buyer and help you with a successful transaction for your Accounting franchise or Bookkeeping Franchise. Conversely, you are free to find a buyer yourself.

Become a part of a legacy by Utilising our strength, resources, and know-how to actualise your vision.

Are you an accountant or bookkeeper yearning for growth? Then join EzyAccounts, a proven path to success.