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Embrace Flexibility: Unlock the potential of a professional services franchise and experience the freedom of working from anywhere – whether it’s the comfort of your own home or directly at your client’s location. Furthermore, explore the exciting franchise opportunities with EzyAccounts, specialising in professional services franchise opportunities that allow you to be your own boss while serving clients with excellence. Whether you’re seeking franchise opportunities or simply looking to expand your horizons, we’ve got you covered.

Join us today to embark on a rewarding journey in the field of professional services.

Your Dream, Our Platform

Dreaming of owning a business and controlling your destiny?

However, dreams need action. Join us and transform those dreams into reality!

About Us

We are a recognized professional services franchisor with brands including EzyGrowth, EzyLeadership, EzyAccounts, and EzyAcademy. Moreover, from our humble start in 2008 by founder Colin Hunt, a former corporate executive, we’ve grown to over 60 franchisees offering professional services franchise opportunities across Australia and New Zealand.

Why Choose Us?

Experience & Credibility:

With over 15 years of operational expertise, we offer a roadmap to success via our 5-step method. Additionally, our experience speaks for itself.

Training & Mentorship:

Get started with self-paced online training and gain continuous guidance from mentors. Furthermore, our support extends to assisting in gaining certifications and registrations if needed.

Client Acquisition:

Worry not about marketing. Let our dedicated team, marketing assets, and systems help you get clients. You focus on delivering your best. Moreover, our client acquisition strategies are proven and effective.

The Ezy Brand Advantage:

Grow under the established Ezy brands. Working for yourself but not by yourself. Collaboration is part of our culture. Positively impact life at work, at home, and in the community.

Franchise Professional Services Summary

Choose the lifestyle you want and make a real difference.

Explore Professional Services Franchise Opportunities

Discover professional services franchise opportunities that allow you to enjoy the flexibility to work from any location with a good internet connection, from your home, on-site at your client’s premises, or from prestige offices.

We are a professional services franchisor with many brands. Currently, EzyGrowth,  EzyLeadership, EzyAccounts and EzyAcademy offer exceptional opportunities for franchisees. The founder, Colin Hunt, was a corporate executive for 16 years, then doubled his income after leaving to run his consultancy business. From a startup in 2008, we have grown to over 60 franchisees in Australia and New Zealand, and they have serviced hundreds of small business clients. 

We help franchisees acquire clients at double their hourly income as an employee. Our strategic partners recognise our achievements. These partners service millions of small business clients globally.

Similarly, like Colin, many of our franchisees switched from corporate careers, while others were new arrivals or returning citizens with overseas experience, to Australia and New Zealand.

A Fulfilling Path Beyond Traditional Careers in Professional Services Franchise

For many professionals, promotion is limited. Additionally, long hours and travel mean their effective hourly rate is low, and their job is not truly secure due to events beyond their control, including rapid social and technological change. Consequently, they may feel unfulfilled, undervalued or insecure. 

Starting a business can be risky due to 5 key areas: commitment to an effective strategy, credibility in the market; client acquisition; confidence in delivery; and acceptance as a valued counsellor.

Franchise opportunities, on the other hand, boast a higher success rate compared to start-up businesses. By joining our professional services franchise team, you tap into over fifteen years of operational experience and follow our proven 5-step method, allowing you to confidently shape your desired lifestyle and earn the respect of clients, family, and the community.

Our Founder's Vision

Colin founded the company in 2008 to help his children enhance their life skills and tenacity by showing them how to start and grow a sustainable business. Additionally, he wanted to help franchisees transition from employment to business ownership. In turn, Franchisees are ideally placed to help clients realise their potential. Unlocking potential and embracing change enables people to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Support

Initial training is conveniently self-paced online, and it’s followed by ready access to a mentor. Furthermore, in addition to our comprehensive operations manual, coaching, ongoing support, strategic partnerships, and multi-channel marketing, we offer assistance connecting with 500+ small businesses.

You can access a proven knowledge base (operations manual), established strategic partnerships, and ongoing support right from the outset. Moreover, training is meticulously focused on the practical skills you will need, ensuring that you are well-prepared to deliver services to clients confidently. We even help you navigate the process of gaining certifications and registration if you need to. All of this comprehensive support will save you both time and money.

Achieving double your hourly rate compared to being an employee, along with residual income and the opportunity for capital gains, is not just a dream but a realistic goal within our professional services franchise opportunities. However, the real satisfaction comes from making a tangible impact on your life, your family, your clients, and the community.

Check to see if you qualify and to evaluate further. Complete the online form in just a few minutes.

Are You The Right Fit For This Franchise Opportunity?

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Check to see if you qualify and to evaluate further. Complete the online form in just a few minutes.

We are incredibly proud of the group and brand that we’ve been able to build, as well as the outstanding individuals that make up our team of franchisees. To ensure our group continues to build on its brand and reputation, we have strict requirements for new applicants:

You must be a skilled professional – this doesn’t necessarily mean you have a Master’s or even a Degree unless that is a regulated requirement. While these qualifications will count in your favour, during the application process, they are not essential. We mostly care about your skills to deliver high-quality services to clients. If your work experience has equipped you to do this, you could be very well suited to this opportunity.

Embrace a willingness to learn and be coached– learning and developing yourself and your business are crucial for success. We don’t have all the answers, but we have learned a lot over the years. Engage in training and coaching to enhance your chances of success.

Be proactive and confident in communicating with clients – our clients do not engage us so that we can follow instructions. Instead, they need us to give them information, advice, and action in areas where they lack expertise or time.

Ensure you can fund the start-up – business start-ups need to be adequately funded. Therefore, you need to have enough cash reserves or have an alternative source of income that will allow you to fund your personal life in the early days whilst we work together to get your business established.

Unlock Your Potential with Professional Services Franchise Opportunities

As a qualified and experienced professional, you undoubtedly feel confident in delivering services. However, you may not feel as confident in acquiring clients. Furthermore, if you are busy with client work, you will not be able to respond immediately to new client leads. But can you imagine having a marketing and sales facility working to help you acquire clients so you can concentrate on client work? This is precisely how we can help you create and explore more professional services franchise opportunities.

We genuinely share your concerns. It is essential to our success that we carefully select only quality candidates who can provide our clients with the services they need at each step of their business journey. In our years of experience, we know that caring about our franchisees helps them succeed and make a real difference in their lives. Therefore, once we accept a new franchisee, we invest considerable time, resources, ongoing training, and support into the franchisee.

As you work towards success as a Franchisee, you interact directly with clients, providing services that match your experience. Furthermore, additional services your clients require can be referred to other franchisees, our specialist partners, and trusted members of our global business community.

Join the Elite Team: Grow Your Professional Services Franchise with Ezy Brands

Grow your business under the Ezy brands for a modest investment and become part of an elite team. Additionally, the fee includes extensive support from our knowledgeable and experienced team. You will receive ongoing business coaching for every aspect of your business. Furthermore, you can relax, knowing that proven sales processes are working on growing your franchise and allowing you to get on with what you do best: servicing your client.

Whilst we remain involved in compliance services, we are keen to help clients improve their business and make a real difference in their lives. Our motto is “Your potential is our passion.”

We work with clients that are not yet large enough to afford a full-time specialist. They need anything from a few hours per month to 3 days per week. Additionally, we start at the foundation level and build a solid structure that facilitates business and lifestyle objectives.

For example, we:

Moreover, technology advances continue apace, and we embrace the opportunities to be more productive and profitable for the benefit of both clients and franchisees. Franchisees can choose to undertake work themselves or to supervise and verify the quality of work done by staff or contractors. This flexibility allows franchisees to tailor their approach to the unique needs of each client, making our professional services franchise opportunities even more adaptable and appealing.

Check to see if you qualify and to evaluate further. Complete the online form in just a few minutes.


"I am very happy with the decision I made to join the EzyAccounts network. The business opportunity is unique to the Australian market place and one that I place tremendous value on"
Professional Services franchise franchisee
Randeep Rai
Sydney | New South Wales

"The guys at EzyAccounts are extremely good at acquiring clients for us! The ongoing support and training is also excellent"
Professional Services franchise franchisee
Lance Watts
Sunshine Coast | Queensland
"As an EzyAccounts franchisee, I have been able to build a very successful business, very quickly. Joining EzyAccounts was an excellent business decision that I am very pleased with"
Professional Services franchise franchisee
Farhan Tanvir
Sydney | New South Wales

We are members of the “business for good” movement to help the United Nations achieve its global goals, as shown in the diagram. Additionally, we contribute to worthy projects at home and internationally.

Furthermore, we want to make a real difference in communities and the world by incorporating micro impacts into business processes. These small donations made by the “business for good” community result in significant funding for worthy causes.