Business for Good

EzyGROWTH and ezyACCOUNTS are part of the “business for good” movement. We want to play our part in making a real difference in communities and the world by incorporating micro impacts into business processes.

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Good for You - Good for the World

Small donations made by members of the business for good community result in major funding for worthy causes.

In short, a Business for Good not only impacts on the business performance, but it has a ripple affect, spreading through to its employees and customers, suppliers and partners, as well as family and friends.

The application of the purpose in Our time to RISE simply enables people to feel they are making a real difference in the world, whilst positively contributing to the performance of their own businesses.

Giving Stories

Imagine inviting your employees, customers, suppliers, family and friends to choose a worthy project that they would love to support with you.

Steve Pipe Video reference

from: Colin Hunt

Colin and I love this. Colin and I are doing this and it would be great to be doing it with you.

Steve Pipe - Author and former UK Entrepreneur of the Year.

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